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S2 E9 · Fabulous F**kery
Antidote Fuckery with Will Mapp
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2 years ago

Welcome to another episode of Fabulous Fuckery!  This episode is special because this multi-passionate businessman is delving into a new passion - comics.  Tune in to learn about his new comic Antidote, arriving on comic book day 2021.  

William Lee Mapp, III is an author, maker, engineer, inventor, executive, nerd, and international speaker who has delivered talks stateside and in Europe and the Middle East. He’s also a radio analyst and host known for his witty takes on the technology industry. His life’s mission is to help people succeed by fostering compassion, communication, and collaboration using technology.

 Will is eager to spread knowledge and help people learn. He seeks to inspire with wit, humor, and humility, by sharing his experiences running businesses that build advanced technology. He’s delivered talks and participated on panels for SAP Insider, Minority Innovation Weekend, EYECON, the National Retail Federation, RFID Journal Magazine, Blerdcon, and numerous non-profits and universities. Over the years he has served as a radio host, technology analyst, podcast guest, and has written two books. His pursuits include designing and producing video games, writing, and mass media.

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