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S2 E4 · Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 4: Food Fuckery with Stephanie Harter
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4 years ago

Stephanie Harter is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn, and is the co-instructor currently serving over 1,100 students internationally in the Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification course. As a former health coach with the winning strategy to achieve 5-figure months fast, Stephanie now helps plant-based coaches achieve a big income and impact in their business without sacrificing their freedom.

She is a speaker and the host of the popular Eating Like You Give a Damn podcast where she interviews experts, innovators, and celebrities about the global movement towards a plant-based future.

You’ll likely find her actively involved in a personal growth event, helping out at a farm animal sanctuary, or kickboxing at her local gym in St. Petersburg, FL.

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