#289 Sneha Inguva from feeling like an imposter all the way to Netflix image
S7 E4 · Software Developer's Journey
#289 Sneha Inguva from feeling like an imposter all the way to Netflix
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3 months ago

From the clattering coins of casino games to the complex coding at Netflix, our guest Sneha Inguva has a career narrative that's as unconventional as it is inspiring. Walking her cat Gatsby might be her quirky pastime, but it's her methodical approach to workplace challenges that sets Sneha apart. Tune in for a candid conversation where she unpacks her strategies for turning dissatisfaction into dialogue with management, and shares how jotting down thoughts, brainstorming solutions, and seeking second opinions can be transformative.

Recounting the days when the startup sparkle caught my eye, I reflect on my own evolution from an electrical engineering and economics graduate to a software developer. The journey was anything but linear, with stints in casino gaming and a fact-checking news venture, before settling into the more stable harbors of Digital Ocean and Fastly. Sneha and I delve into economics's pivotal role in our career choices, and how embracing mentorship and a back-to-basics approach to computer science fundamentals can underpin professional growth.

As we wrap up, Sneha sheds light on her big leap to Netflix, addressing common experiences like imposter syndrome and the weight of interviewing peers. We explore the cultural shift within Netflix, as the tech behemoth begins to balance its seasoned pro roster with fresh graduates and interns, all while navigating the treacherous waters of technical debt and structured engineering. Sneha's story isn't just one of career advancement; it's a roadmap for anyone aspiring to sculpt their professional journey, complete with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in the tech industry.

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