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S7 E12 · Software Developer's Journey
#297 Brit Myers from Math Major to DevOps & Leadership
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Meet Brit Myers, VP of Engineering at System Initiatives, who turned her late start into a celebrated career in software engineering. She swaps stories about the self-doubt she wrestled with, the internship that fueled her passion, and how she discovered that forging ahead and tempering expectations can unearth success. Brit's insights are a treasure trove for anyone standing before the maze of a tech career, searching for that elusive entry point or the next turn.

If you've ever wondered whether luck is something you can cultivate, let Brit and I guide you through the alchemy of reputation and opportunity. Brit tears down the traditional networking concept, advocating for a sincere interest in others as the cornerstone of meaningful industry relationships. She shares her battles with social anxiety and imparts the wisdom of a grandparent on meeting the expectations of those in charge to carve out a positive path forward.

Finally, we chart the rich tapestry of a tech career from the perspective of a math major who climbed the ladder to Associate VP of Cloud Engineering. Brit's story isn't just about career growth; it's a narrative that encompasses the humanity behind DevOps and the symbiosis between engineering and business prosperity. Her decision to pursue an executive MBA and the fulfillment found in empowering pioneers paints a picture of the tech world as a market and a complex, ever-evolving community where continuous learning is the most valued currency. Join us for a conversation that's as much about heart as it is about hard skills.

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