#294 Erik Gross from the Navy to seeing life as a collaborative exercise image
S7 E9 · Software Developer's Journey
#294 Erik Gross from the Navy to seeing life as a collaborative exercise
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2 months ago

When his father cracked open the case of a Vic-20 computer, little did he know he was setting the stage for a lifelong tech odyssey. Fast forward, and here he is, sharing laughs and wisdom, demystifying the tech world one byte-sized lesson at a time. This episode peels back the layers of computer operation, programming, and the inestimable value of an engineering mindset. With his blend of expertise and approachability, Erik doesn't just talk tech; he embodies the joy of embracing your inner nerd and the camaraderie that comes with being a techie.
Ever had a 'come to Jesus' moment that made you reevaluate your life's direction? That happened to Erik post-Thanksgiving, leaving his wife and him reflecting on his transformation from high school slacker to Navy Nuclear Power trainee. It's an episode of revelations as Erik and I dissect the challenges and triumphs of his military training days and how those experiences forged the resilience and work ethic that propelled his tech career forward. We're also pulling back the curtain on those unexpected, defining moments that nudge us toward paths less traveled but rich with opportunity.  
Imagine being part of someone's journey from novice to tech maven. That's the heart-swelling reality Erik and I explore in our final musings, where mentoring and genuine investment in others' success take center stage. We recount the uplifting narrative of a student turned CTO of an AI startup and ponder the beauty of collaboration in the tech sphere. This isn't just a tech talk—it's a tribute to the shared successes and the profound impact of leaving things and people better than we found them. All while grappling with the nuances of what 'better' truly means from one person to the next. So, plug in, and let's get inspired together.

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