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S7 E14 · Software Developer's Journey
#299 John Chan is building on his learning superpower
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Ever found yourself at the crossroads of passion and profession, wondering if your varied experiences could weave into a successful career tapestry? John Chan's story is a testament to that possibility. From a high school enthusiast tinkering with CSS to a Taekwondo black belt with international laurels, John's eclectic background illustrates the vibrant intersection where hobbies and professional skills collide, offering fresh perspectives on product development and marketing narratives. His journey is one of embracing diverse talents to carve out an innovative path in web and UX design before venturing boldly into the entrepreneurial world of digital marketing.

My conversation with John is a deep dive into the essence of career evolution, where the unlikeliest of experiences from video gaming to martial arts inform leadership abilities and shape one's professional ethos. The discussion shifts to John's metamorphosis from a web admin to a UX design authority, unveiling the creative strategies that led to his role at 37 signals. His unconventional approach to a job application, driven by a strong sense of design and the desire to impact user experience, is nothing short of inspiring. For anyone who's ever contemplated a daring career move or considered how their distinctive blend of skills could set them apart, John's insights are an invaluable guide.

Rounding out our exploration, John shares his pivot to growth marketing and the strategic decision to apply his coding, design, and marketing prowess to scale existing businesses. His agency's transformation from a conversion rate optimization service to a thriving growth marketing agency underscores the power of innovative thinking and adaptability. Moreover, John's ability to draw out untapped potential by asking the right questions demonstrates the importance of a personalized approach, whether interviewing potential hires or developing marketing strategies. Join us for this compelling narrative that not only champions the unconventional but also sheds light on the multidimensional paths to success.

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