#283 Moriel Schottlender from astronomy and physics to architecting Wikipedia image
S6 E50 · Software Developer's Journey
#283 Moriel Schottlender from astronomy and physics to architecting Wikipedia
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5 months ago

Imagine attending a summer camp at the tender age of six that sparks a lifelong love for software development. That's the journey our esteemed guest, Moriel, embarked on, leading her to explore the complexities of right-to-left language support and localization, and ultimately landing her a coveted position at Wikipedia. Moriel shares her gripping story that highlights the power of starting young and finding your tribe in the world of open source.  
Buckle up as we navigate Moriel's unexpected switch from (Hollywood to) astronomy to physics and the unanticipated challenges she had to overcome as a woman in academia. Shining light on the importance of following your passion, no matter the hurdles, Moriel embodies the resilient spirit of a true trailblazer. Not only did she make strides in academia, but she also entered the vast arena of open source, discovering its wonders through an internship at Wikipedia.   
We end our riveting conversation with an exploration of the messy, yet crucial aspects of open source software and its undeniable impact on the Wikimedia movement. Hear about the constant pressure to revamp the whole Wikipedia platform and how future technologies play a vital role in this process. Finally, be inspired as Moriel shares experiences of a front-end engineer at Wikipedia, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and expressing passion for Wikipedia's mission. Tune in, get inspired, and let Moriel fuel your passion for open source.

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