#286 Brian Childress from geospatial data to fractional CTO image
S7 E1 · Software Developer's Journey
#286 Brian Childress from geospatial data to fractional CTO
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4 months ago

Have you ever stood at the crossroads of passion and professionalism, wondering if it's too late to change paths? Brian's story is a beacon of hope for career changers everywhere, as he shares his incredible shift from being an outdoor guide to a software engineering maven. With a candid discussion on the art of scaling impact, Brian's insights on mentorship, and his personal blueprint for knowledge dissemination through blogging and podcasting, this episode is a treasure chest of wisdom for anyone looking to navigate the tech terrain or amplify their own influence.

As we unravel Brian's journey, you'll be inspired by his tenacity in tackling the tech industry head-on, sans a safety net. His proactive stance on moonlighting to gain experience, coupled with his relentless networking, showcases the grit required to transition successfully. Moreover, Brian's ascent to a leadership role as a fractional CTO and his strategies for influencing multiple companies unfold like a masterclass in tech guidance, shedding light on the creation of a dynamic 'playbook' for navigating the rapids of tech leadership.

Wrapping up, Brian doesn't just leave you with stories of challenges conquered; he extends an open invitation to continue the conversation beyond this episode. For those intrigued by the intersection of technology with fields like healthcare, education, and cybersecurity, and anyone dreaming of a leadership role that spans industries, this episode is your gateway to an exciting future. Brian's journey isn't just a chronicle of personal growth, it's a roadmap for any professional hungry for transformation.

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