#284 Valarie Regas from judoka & stay-at-home mum to renowned dev advocate image
S6 E51 · Software Developer's Journey
#284 Valarie Regas from judoka & stay-at-home mum to renowned dev advocate
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4 months ago

Get ready for an engrossing episode, as we sit down with the remarkable Valarie Regas. Known for her passion in the tech industry, Valarie’s journey from a stay-at-home mom to a thriving DevOps engineer and full stack developer is a story that will leave you inspired. She opens up about her experiences navigating the tech world, the value in her unique background, and the game-changing role therapy played in her life.   
Valarie also enlightens us on the trials and tribulations of job hunting and the significance of diverse perspectives in problem-solving. As a Southern woman in tech, her experiences shed light on the influence of upbringing on leadership styles and the power of embracing one's unique strengths. Her story is a testament to the importance of recognizing the value of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences in the hiring process.   
Rounding up our conversation with Valarie, we touch on a topic close to her heart - the well-being of engineers. Valarie advocates for more humane work cultures that prioritize employees' mental health, sharing her personal experiences with burnout, depression, and anxiety. She also gets real about the lack of parental leave policies in the U.S. This episode is a wake-up call to the tech industry on the need to prioritize the human aspect in our drive for innovation. It's a conversation not to be missed!

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