#279 Sophie Obomighie chooses to do hard things the hard way image
S6 E45 · Software Developer's Journey
#279 Sophie Obomighie chooses to do hard things the hard way
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7 months ago

Can one's fascination with technology begin with a childhood story of a laptop reward? For our guest Sophie Obomighie, that was indeed the case. From there, Sophie describes her journey through the tech world, from building a website on halitosis to participating in Google developer group events. Despite her medical background, she found a way to marry her interests in tech and medicine, proving that multiple passions can coexist and even compliment each other.

Sophie's path wasn't without its hurdles, as she navigated the world of programming education and sought out job opportunities in the tech field. From her time at a transcript processing company to her stint at Hotels.ng, Sophie was continually challenged. Yet, she rose to the occasion, learning and growing with every new experience. She is a testament to the importance of embracing challenges on the path to success.

In the final chapters of the episode, Sophie recounts her experience as a Quality Assurance person. She openly shares about her struggles and her triumphs. Her story is a reminder to us all that sometimes, our greatest passions and career paths can be discovered in the most unexpected of places. Join us for this fascinating conversation with Sophie Obomighie.

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