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S1 E9 · Destination Change
Episode 8: Dan Manson
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4 months ago

Dan Manson has been working in the substance abuse treatment industry for over 27 years. His passion is helping addicts not only address their addictions, but dive deep into themselves and their own vision for the future. This includes really discovering who they are inside (often for the first time), who they want to have in their lives and what drives them to want to live a better life.

Dan is the co-Founder, President and Chairman of Elevate Addiction Services. He has appeared on television, radio and in the news. Most recently, he has written a book called Redefining Addiction, Reinventing Recovery: A common-sense guide to America’s biggest problem which addresses the challenges faced not only by individuals in treatment and their loved ones, but by the treatment programs themselves, including their challenges with insurance companies, documenting outcomes and delivering excellent care to its population..