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1. Interview: Michelle Anne Hobart
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Michelle Anne Hobart, MA, SEC, AMFT is a teacher, writer, and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at The Marin School. She trained as a Spiritual Emergence Coach with Emma Bragdon, works closely with the Gnosis Retreat Center project, has an online Spiritual Emergence Course with Kyle Buller called Awakening Healers, and other collaborations. Michelle provides a safe and sacred space and supports the clarity and alignment of her clients. She offers individual and group therapy, and leads community wellness workshops and retreats.

Awakening Healers Course: https://settingsunwellness.teachable.com/p/awakening-healers

Holding Sacred Space book: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/holding-sacred-space

Emma Bragdon's SE Coaching Program: https://imhu.org/courses/spiritual-emergence-coach-certification/


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