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S5 E7 · Live To Thrive podcast
S5 Episode 7 | Krystle Farmer Sieghart
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Krystle Farmer Sieghart (she/her/her) is a mother, wife, Black femme, a grassroots activist, a womanist, and a liberation consultant. Krystle is a co-founder of Healing Justice Santa Barbara and has served more than 10 years as an experienced community organizer, facilitator and mentor, with a demonstrated history of working in higher education, underserved communities, tech, and the non-profit industry. Krystle is skilled in public speaking, social media, teaching, social justice advocacy, cultural competency, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and community outreach. She is a strong community and social services professional, currently holding a Bachelor of Science – B.S. in Organizational Leadership.

Krystle has committed her career to amplifying marginalized voices, and building community to work towards collective liberation. Krystle was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, with family roots in Louisiana and Virginia as well, and from those deep ancestral roots is where she learned the importance of the preservation of Black legacies and understanding the history of people that came before her.

Krystle believes that in order to be whole, you must be your authentic self, radically, and you must strive to live a life that follows your spiritual purpose here on earth and honors those that have come before us.

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