Ep: 126 - Creating a more Cultural and Thematic Wedding for your clients - Carol  image
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Ep: 126 - Creating a more Cultural and Thematic Wedding for your clients - Carol
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3 months ago

Happy Woo Wednesday!

I feel I've been celebrating Lunar New Year so this is a perfect way to keep the cultural celebration going.

Carol from The BLushing Details in the GET A HECK YES house. Her authenticity and genuine connections really sets her apart in a world where many businesses often feel impersonal or too focused on profit. We are both on the WIPA board and she is as real as they get.

Hot Topic - Creating a more Cultural and Thematic Weddings for your ideal client. The Blushing Details had years of experience in planning weddings that incorporate different cultures, traditions, or unique themes.

The Blushing Details focused on creating an aesthetically opulence and refined wedding for our modern diverse, multicultural, and interracial clients. What sets my company apart is my unique approach to our planning and design process and the realization of it for my clients. By implementing detailed visual elements and systems, we fully bring our clients into the design process from inception to fruition. This can include digital sketching, and vision board. We feel it’s helps out couple to be more invented in the overall outcome and experience.

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