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S1 E1 · I Run Because
Declan Ryan, NYC - Achilles International Athlete
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4 years ago

Declan is an athlete who runs with Leber Congenital Amaurosis. He is a member of the NY and NJ Achilles International chapters, and you'll be amazed to learn not only how he started running, but in fact WHY he runs. He recently ran his dream race and will no doubt continue to run many more dream races in the years to come.

Growing up as a teenager in the NYC school system he faced several challenges as a person with a vision impairment. Because of the bureaucracy Declan was forced to sue then Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the school's chancellor just to get access to one of their facilities.

This podcast was recorded in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. We learn how has the lock down affected his ability to train for upcoming races, and how it has affected runners in NY.

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