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S1 E9 · I Run Because
Maryellen Branna - New Jersey, Achilles International
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3 years ago

Do you remember the big old walkman radios? That's when Maryellen started running. Since the 90's Maryellen was running just to keep in shape. Around 2014 she found herself introduced to a women's running group in Ridgewood. She was familiar with many of the other moms in the group and almost immediately began a couch to 5k program and soon after her first half-marathon.

Over the years she has been involved in a few other groups and organizations like Jersey Women Strong, Girls on the Run, and of course, Achilles International.

"It makes me so happy. It brings me such joy and I, you know, really the running is just the means of being connected to so many different people, which is really,  when you think that the question for this podcast is,  why do I run? I run because I love being connected to so many other people."

Listen to Maryellen tell the story of her many connections to the athlete's of Achilles and all the other great programs she is associated with.

Let's not forget to mention that Maryellen is on a two year running streak! 

Program note: You can also start your run streak with us by listening to each episode and following the prescription of our very own Hellah Sidibe. He has been on a 3 plus year running streak.

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