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S1 E4 · I Run Because
Erin Spaulding, Connecticut - Achilles International
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3 years ago

"I spent all of 2019 rehabbing, and 2020 was supposed to be my comeback year." Erin Spaulding is the President of the Achilles International Connecticut chapter. Erin joined the organization as an athlete in 2012 after an accident caused a brain, neck, and shoulder industry. You'll hear in this episode how Erin used her doctor's words, "you're never going to run again" as motivation to get through therapy and rehab. 

In this episode you'll also hear: 

  • About Erin's accident and what challenges she faced as a result of the injuries
  • Erin's story on how her coach presented her with a "special" trophy that you have to hear. It is so touching in so many ways and heartwarming
  • How a van plays a central role in several key moments in Erin's history with the Achilles CT chapter
  • The Achilles International Connecticut chapter's road trip to participate in the NJ Hope and Possibility Run in 2019
  • The lessons learned in traveling through NJ traffic with guide dogs who have basic needs that have to be taken care of in transit
  • And of course, WHY she runs
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