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S1 E13 · I Run Because
Hellah Sidibe - Train Hellah Good - Run Streaker
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3 years ago

We've been extremely lucky to work with Hellah on our first season of the podcast. Each week Hellah would lay out the program for aspiring run streakers that listen to our podcast all while maintaining his own streak and social media content. He is a busy guy, but he still said yes to us. We are grateful.

This first season we focused on Achilles International. We heard many great stories from athletes and guides who all LOVE running. Now we focus on Hellah and how he started his journey in running and what really motivates him to run. Spoiler alert! He is a selfless, kind, and unique person that we can all learn from whether it is in running, or just in his outlook on life.

Thank you Hellah Sidibe for being uniquely you. Thank you for gracing us with your presence as a trainer and guest on our first season of I Run BeCause.

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