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S1 E5 · I Run Because
Alan Kaufman, Queens, NY - Achilles International
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3 years ago

When it comes to this podcast talking about people's  why of running, it would not be complete if we did not have Alan Kaufman on our show. His  story is one that inspires moves and is at the heart of what Achilles International is about, and really at the heart of what this podcast is seeking to find.

Alan started running in 1991 when he decided to run up the stairs to catch up to his then pregnant wife who took the elevator and he was absolutely GASSED. Right there and then he vowed to start running and do the NYC Marathon! As a result of his commitment and journey to becoming a marathon runner he began to lose weight. Kind of like the movie "Britney Runs a Marathon." 

He has run a marathon every year since then with exception of two years. When Super Storm Sandy hit, and when he got sick.

Learn what happened in 2017 when his doctor told him, "Nope, not this year" and his journey to turn from an Achilles guide to an Achilles athlete. 

Alan's spirit is strong, his personality is infectious, and his courage to comeback in 2018!

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