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S1 E8 · I Run Because
Jill Certisomo - Chicago, Achilles International
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3 years ago

This week we welcome and spotlight Achilles International Chicago athlete, Jill Certisomo.

Jill was born with Diplegic Cerebal Palsy which affects her right side mostly and impacts her balance. 

In 2018, she discovered Achilles when she was surfing the internet looking for races she could participate in.  She credits her experience with Achilles as one of providing her with her comfort, fun, and safety.

"It's an amazing difference. I mean, I never thought any of this was possible. Never once. So I always just kinda thought any race I did was always going to be just me. You know, at the very back, and as slow as humanly possible because a lot of times it was legit, me and a police escort, and God bless my friend cause her smiling face with her two kids at the end going, 'you did it.'"

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