Terri Rupp and John Sterling, Nevada - Achilles Ineternational image
S1 E2 · I Run Because
Terri Rupp and John Sterling, Nevada - Achilles Ineternational
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4 years ago

It all started with an aha moment for John Sterling, and a phone call he made to the National Federation of the Blind of Nevada. On the other end of the line was Terri Rupp, the president of the organization. He shared his thoughts with her and she said "I'm in. Let's start tomorrow." Just like that, their first run and the beginning of Achilles International Las Vegas chapter was born.

The bond and partnership between John and Terri is strong. At times they share their emotional accomplishments, trials and tribulations while running, and strong ties of their running family. It's clear that Terri dreams big and she has some big races on her plan for the year including the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival's 72-hour race!

In this episode we continue the #runeveryday challenge with Hellah Sidibe. Hellah has been running every day for three years. If haven't started to build your running streak, take a listen to end of episode one to learn more about the challenge and get started today.

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