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S1 E10 · I Run Because
Rebecca Lindenbaum, Guide and Board Member, Achilles International
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3 years ago

Welcome to Rebecca Lindenbaum who is a board member of Achilles International and a guide as well. 

Many athletes will recognize Rebecca from her position at the NYC Marathon finish line greeting them as they crossed the finish line. She recalls her first year when 250 athletes plus their guides participated. It was an emotional moment for her.

Running an organization like this requires members to be athletes, but also requires guides. Additionally, there is a business aspect to running an organization and it needs funds to operate.

When Rebecca first started getting involved with Achilles she went into their office to learn why people weren't huge or giving more money. She decided that day to host a fundraising event at her home. That was her start.

"When I think about Achilles, I have to just say,  it's the family. It's everyone helping everyone. And no matter what kind of disability you have, or don't have, everyone is really there for each other. So, I just feel like I need to say that, because to Mary and Francesco, my weeks were so filled with such incredible people in my life and it's just, it's just made my life so much fuller."

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