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S1 E8 · Business to Your Own Beat
Story of Aboriginal Artist - Wendy Rix
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Wendy Rix, is an Aboriginal Artist who paints the most beautifully vibrant & happy murals mostly in schools, drawing inspiration from her Aboriginal roots.

This is her first podcast interview & she is my first podcast interview guest. It was such a pleasure chatting about her journey of establishing and growing her business as a single mum who started out through simply making art and selling through word of mouth, to now ‘making it’ as an artist, having to pay taxes and utilising the services of professionals in their field to assist her in continuing to broaden her reach and refine her business processes.

Wendy and I first met through my retail store ‘Creators Nest’ & then I worked with as a coach, which gave me so much more insight into her story & journey of determination & drive, which I suspect you’ll find just as inspiring too.

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