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S2 E13 · Untitled SEO Podcast
Unleashing Potential: Balancing Health and Business with Ben Herbert
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6 months ago

Ben Herbert is third-generation self-employed. His grandparents ran businesses, his parents run businesses and age 20 Ben started his own business.

Like a lot of business owners it appears that Ben confused being busy, and working long hours with success. By his own admission, 'success' certainly didn't feel good.

Now Ben is on a mission to help business owners to break the cycle of crappiness. Ben coaches the business, the body and the soul. In this frank conversation, we discuss the stresses of business ownership and what we can all do to be kinder to ourselves.

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**Episode Summary:** 

In this enlightening episode of 'The Untitled SEO Podcast', host Andrew Laws engages with Ben Herbert, an online health coach and third-generation entrepreneur. Ben shares his journey from a sporty background to becoming a successful business owner and health coach. He discusses the crucial balance between maintaining personal health and running a business, offering insightful anecdotes and practical advice.

**About the Guest:**

Ben Herbert comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs and athletes, which profoundly influenced his career path. His early foray into professional football didn't pan out, but his passion for business and sports persisted. Ben's personal experience with health mismanagement while running his first business, a personal training venture, led him to a transformative period. He founded 'Become The Unstoppable', where he helps business owners enhance their health for better business outcomes.

**In This Episode, You Will Learn:**

1. The impact of entrepreneurial stress on personal health and relationships.

2. Strategies for managing health alongside the demands of running a business.

3. Real-life stories of transformation Ben has witnessed in his clients.

4. The importance of defining success and understanding the 'why' behind business and health goals.

5. Ben's personal journey of overcoming burnout and finding fulfillment in helping others.

**Notable Quotes:**

- "Your business development is always going to be limited to your personal development." - Ben Herbert

- "You are the power plant of your business. If you are not in a healthy spot, it's going to make business tough." - Ben Herbert


This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs and small business owners struggling with the balance between personal health and professional success. Ben Herbert's insights and advice offer a roadmap to becoming more resilient, focused, and ultimately, unstoppable in both business and life.