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Leaping forward with new tech, a historic perspective with Norman Sanders
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10 months ago

There's always a biggest, latest, most controversial development happening in the world of SEO. But in the bigger scheme of digital marketing will 'threats' like AI have any impact in the long run? Will history remember the way we all felt about new SEO technologies?

In this special episode of the untitled SEO podcast we are in conversation with Norman Sanders. Norman was born in 1929 and has been at the forefront of computing for many years. He knew and worked with many early innovators in the world of computing, including Alan Turing and Shaun Wylie (the Bletchley Park Enigma code-breakers).

Norman also rubbed shoulders (and worked with) some of the 'fathers of programming', including David Wheeler (creator of FORTRAN), and the development team of COBOL at IBM.

In the 1950s Norman Sanders was hired by Boeing and was responsible for computerising the design and manufacture of aeroplanes, including the Boeing 727.

My initial plan for this podcast episode was to find out if introducing computing to the world of aviation was met in a similar way to the development of new SEO tools (like AI).

What actually happened during our time together is that Norman took us on a journey that explained and explored the early days of computing. A period in history that has had a tremendous impact not just on the world of work, but also on humanity as a whole.

This episode of the Yeseo podcast is remarkable, not because of anything we have contributed but because of the engaging and often amusing story told by our honoured guest, Norman.

We decided to leave this interview largely unedited, so about halfway through the episode, you will hear one of Norman's neighbours drop by to give Norman a football result. We left this in because we felt it was a charming example of the enthusiasm and gentle warmth of Norman throughout our time together.

P.S. Andrew has also interviewed Norman for his personal podcast, during which he went into great detail about his time working with Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and his recollections of Alan Turing.

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