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S2 E12 · Untitled SEO Podcast
FOMO danger, the joy of print & brains - AMA with Andrew Laws, James Kindred & Sophie Robinson
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2 months ago


- Andrew Laws, Senior SEO Lead and Founder of Yeseo

- James Kindred, Experienced Graphic Designer and Business Owner

**Special Guest:**

- Sophie Robinson, Marketing Agency Owner at Moodi


Join co-hosts Andrew Laws and James Kindred in this engaging and laughter-filled AMA session on LinkedIn Audio. This episode featuring special guest Sophie Robinson explores the interplay of SEO, marketing, and graphic design, offering listeners a unique blend of expertise, humor, and practical insights.


1. **Sophie Robinson’s Marketing Wisdom:**

   - Her approach to holistic marketing support and the impact of social media on businesses.

   - Tailoring marketing strategies to diverse industries, from charity to retail.

   - The real-world results of effective social media engagement and content creation.

2. **Co-Host Insights:**

   - Andrew Laws shares his decade-long journey in SEO, emphasising client-friendly strategies and impactful results.

   - James Kindred discusses his 20-year experience in graphic design, highlighting the importance of creativity in branding and marketing.

**Key Moments:**

- A lively exchange of ideas and experiences, punctuated with frequent laughter and anecdotes.

- Discussions on the evolving digital marketing landscape and its challenges.

- The importance of SEO and design in building a successful online presence.


The episode concludes with a light-hearted wrap-up, reiterating key takeaways and the value of integrating SEO, marketing, and design strategies.

**Next Episode Teaser:**

Don’t miss our next Wednesday’s AMA, promising more insights, laughter, and expert advice on the world of SEO and digital marketing.