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S6 Episode 5 | Jacqueline Staton
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1 year ago

Hi I’m Jai and I am a 51-year-old African American woman. I am a single mother of three thriving young adults, a dedicated daughter, sister, and friend, and I am committed to finding the things that speak to me of freedom and evolution in every area of my life. And I’m committed to helping as many people as I can with realizing their dreams of freedom and evolution as well! I want people to know that they are okay, just like they are, and that their light is important here!

I’ve fulfilled many different roles in my life, and as I continue on the path of my authentic self, I have found myself to be a spiritual guide and soul healer, a seeker and a business consultant. It’s funny how I am just now understanding that my career paths, and indeed, all my paths, have been manifestations of my authentic inspirations to help and heal! I’m excited to be in this universe with you!

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