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S7 Episode 4 | Mia Perez
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6 months ago

Mia Perez is a Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author,and Designated Master Storyteller; with a background in Entertainment. Ms. Perez uses her gifts and talents to create an impact in every sphere she steps into by connecting & inspiring positive change.

Mindset & Emotional Performance Strategist, Mia is a leader in the area of empowerment.

She birthed her organization V.I.V.A Women’s Empowerment Community in 2017. Through it, she empowers women to live their lives with Vision- Inspiration- Voice - Acceptance in a High-Value Feminine way.


But don't let her smile fool you because Mia's path didn’t unfold easily. Her impressive journey earned her the title of Bounce Back Queen!


Through her own life experiences, she now teaches others how to Reframe Challenges, Rebuild Confidence, and Re-Imagine New Possibilities.  

Today, Mia helps others find and redefine themselves while showing them how they too can become the Bounce Back Queens/Kings of their own life…no matter what!


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