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S6 E3 · Live To Thrive podcast
S6 Episode 3 | Minyoung Lee
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1 year ago

Hi, I’m Minyoung

It's sounds much like mignon from filet mignon but with less of the French accent. My parents thoughtfully picked out my name to carry the purpose of uplifting ("young" = to uplift) others ("min" = a nation) and for that reason I hope that our interaction can be one in which you feel happy, welcome, and safe to express yourself as you are.

My background in Acupuncture & Integrative health inspire my love & curiosity of the human experience. Over the last eight years photography & videography have become my go-to tools to create purposeful content that uplifts, educates and empowers people to take the front seat of not only their healing but a life that only they are capable of creating.

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/itsmeohmylee/

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