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S1 E21 · Business to Your Own Beat
Ep 21. Jill Blackburn - Outback Spiritual Festival
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10 months ago

Jill Blackburn is the founder of Outback Spiritual Festival which will run for the first time this year in August… out at Broken Hill which Jill refers to as being in the ‘middle of everywhere’.

Her story is inspiring on so many levels and one that she has not really shared when it comes to promoting this event, so it was an honour to hear first hand what led her to creating this event, the purpose & drive behind her passion in realising this very unique experience bringing people from across this great land of ours, to the Australian outback to gather together on this ancient land to share, learn, connect & grow.

Not only is the essence of this festival experience so too is her life’s journey that led her here and the constraints in which she working within to create it, as someone who does not claim to have all the answers to spirituality or even how to pull off such a big event, she will surely be inspiration to anyone who has not yet dared to do business to their own beat.


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