Hiring an SEO agency? Ask them these difficult questions first. image
S1 E10 · Untitled SEO Podcast
Hiring an SEO agency? Ask them these difficult questions first.
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3 months ago

We have been doing some research into some of the challenging questions SEO sceptics ask SEO agencies. Some of the questions were really surprising, some were reassuring and none are irrelevant!

In this episode Yeseo founder Andrew Laws runs through the questions and explains why getting a clear answer is so important.

Here's a recap of the questions:

How do you measure ROI?

What sort of return can you expect to see? How long will it take?

Ask for a case study

Ask about pricing models

Are there any hidden costs?

How can the agency ensure they are cost-effective?

How do you tailor your SEO strategies?

What are you doing to ensure sustainable results?

What makes your SEO strategies different to strategies of other agencies?

How experienced is your agency?

Asking for case studies

Ask to speak to clients of the agency

Ask for relevant examples of previosu work

Ask what niches the SEO agencies has worked in

What is the agency doing to stay up to date?

How often does the agency send SEO reports?

How much SEO knowledge are you expected to have as a client?

What strategy does the agency use to adapt to changes in SEO practice?

How does the SEO agency comnunicate?

How is client feedback incorporated into SEO strategies?