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From Squiggly Career to Duck Alignment: The Clare Lucas story
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Clare Lucas helps businesses grow by enhancing their productivity and efficiency. In this episode of the Yeseo podcast, we have the great pleasure of welcoming Clare as a guest.

We were going to write up some show notes for this episode, but Clare’s biography was so good we’ve used that instead. This is proof of how brilliantly efficient Clare is to work with!

Introduction to Clare Lucas and UK Ducks In A Row Ltd.

Meet Clare Lucas, the dynamo fuelling the momentum behind UK Ducks In A Row Ltd. Clare’s voyage into the realm of virtual assistance kicked off during the pandemic, ignited by the realisation that small businesses needed practical solutions and outstanding support behind the scenes but required a much more flexible approach than the conventional way of employing staff.

Evolution of Clare’s Business

Starting up as Clare Lucas Real Business Solutions in 2020, it didn’t take long for her to see that the potential goes far beyond the traditional boundaries of virtual assistance. Therefore, the business evolved into an outsourcing agency providing organisations with everything from everyday admin to business development and strategy support. Ducks In A Row became the name because no matter the organisation, they get you organised!

Clare’s Early Career and Adventures

Clare’s journey reads like an adventure novel rather than a typical biography. Opting out of the usual university path, she embarked on a globetrotting escapade, starting in America, working at a summer camp, then through New Zealand and Australia. Upon returning, she dipped her toes into the travel industry pool, where she established herself as an expert salesperson when it came to Australia and New Zealand. And the perks? All-expenses-paid trips to destinations like Australia, Singapore, Iceland, and beyond. Now that was the good life!

Diverse Career Path

With a track record as eclectic as a mixed tape, Clare’s career spans from sales management in travel to various roles within local government. Over an eight-year period, she transitioned from an Executive Assistant to a tech-savvy project coordinator before stepping into the world of strategic communications. On leaving local government, she joined the senior leadership team for a local independent company with responsibility for contracts, products, sales, and marketing, that was until that ‘thing’ called Covid hit.

Clare’s Personal Life and Motivations

These days, Clare calls Suffolk her home turf. As a wife, mum to a teenage son, a primary school daughter, and a quirky half-pug, half-sausage dog fur baby, combined with responsibilities as a charity trustee and parent governor, her life is an ongoing juggle of roles. Beyond the hustle, Clare’s heart beats for globetrotting, and she seizes every chance to create cherished memories with her family around the world.

Clare’s Role at UK Ducks In A Row Ltd.

So, what makes Clare the go-to gal for UK Ducks In A Row Ltd? Authenticity. Her journey is a testament to her commitment to empowering businesses, charities, CICs, and film productions. When you connect with Clare, you’ll have a collaborative journey!

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