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Gamification in research and marketing with Betty Adamou
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2 months ago

**Episode Summary:**  

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the world of gamification with the renowned expert, designer, and author, Betty Adamou. Discover how gamification is revolutionizing market research, marketing strategies, and customer engagement through innovative approaches and technologies.

**Guest Bio:**  

Betty Adamou is a pioneer in gamification, having introduced the concept of Research Games. Her work focuses on making data collection more engaging, improving the quality of insights gathered through market research.

**Highlights of the Episode:**

- **Journey into Gamification:** Betty shares her personal and professional journey that led her to gamify research and data collection, creating a new paradigm in the process.


- **The Concept of Research Games:** An in-depth look at how Betty's invention is transforming the landscape of market research by making it more engaging and fun for participants.


- **Solving Engagement Problems:** Discussion on the challenges of traditional survey methods and how gamification provides solutions to increase response rates and data quality.


- **Applications in Marketing and Advertising:** Insights into how gamification is being utilized beyond research, especially in creating compelling marketing and advertising strategies that captivate audiences.


- **Future of Gamification:** Betty offers her predictions on the future developments in gamification, emphasizing its growing importance in various sectors.

**Recommended Resources:**

- Betty Adamou's book on gamification

- Research through Gaming website for more insights into gamification in market research

**Connect with Betty Adamou:**  

- LinkedIn

- website 

**Closing Thoughts:**  

This episode not only sheds light on the power of gamification in research and marketing but also inspires listeners to think creatively about engaging their audiences. Betty Adamou's pioneering work exemplifies how gamification can lead to more meaningful interactions and valuable data collection.