Enlighten Up - A Hilarapy Podcast

"Enlighten Up" is a Hilarapy podcast with Lizzie Allan and Karina Lauren that combines the healing power of comedy and therapy. Each week, they feature a comedian from the Hilarapy course and discuss the topics they bring up in their set, covering hard-hitting topics such as sexual shame and getting older. Through humour and heart, their goal is to dissolve stigma, awaken the masses, promote love, and increase connection by dissolving shame. The podcast provides a refreshing and effective way to improve emotional and mental well-being, incorporating laughter and play as powerful tools for healing and growth. Tune in to "Enlightened Up" for a unique and fun listening experience that inspires positivity, understanding, and inclusivity.

Contact us if you want to get involved in Hilarapy: info@hilarapy.com