Gary McKechnie takes the long way home with Squeeze image
S2 E8 · Cool For Cats: A Squeeze Podcast
Gary McKechnie takes the long way home with Squeeze
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11 months ago

f you are a fan of Squeeze, you know how hard it is to resist their catchy tunes and witty lyrics. But even more importantly - as we’ve learned - is how their music can give meaning to touch points throughout your life.

Gary McKechnie is one of those people. And fortunate to have met Glenn Tilbrook in a hotel lobby in Daytona Beach, Florida. And also arranged Chris Difford’s “Songs In The Key Of Sea.” A rather eclectic summary for this man and for his ability to speak to the ones who ‘get it.’

Gary is also a speaker, award-winning author and motojournalist. And when he offered up the chance to join me in conversation about one of his favorite bands (and songwriters), how could I say no?

More importantly, Gary is passionate, articulate and with his storytelling prowess, a person who can get to the deep heart of this particular subject at hand.

I invite you in for that proverbial ‘Black Coffee’ as you come aboard for an enlightening ride.