Conversation: Mike Duquette discusses 'cataloging' Squeeze image
S2 E4 · Cool For Cats: A Squeeze Podcast
Conversation: Mike Duquette discusses 'cataloging' Squeeze
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1 year ago

It’s a rare occurrence that by skimming a website after prompting a search for something written about Squeeze, you find an article from 10 years ago that stops you in your tracks.

Mike Duquette, founder of The Second Disc, discovered his love for Squeeze extended into that somewhat curious category of ‘back catalog.’

As we discover in this episode, Mike’s passion for the written word stood out after hitting a chord with me: his article on various incarnations of Squeeze compendiums and their worth for people seeking out the best way to appreciate them from a compilation standpoint is a gem - and insightful.

The site’s motto “if it’s reissued, remastered or expanded, you’ll find it here” pretty much says it all. And with Mike’s knowledge of this genre, we had a remarkable and varied conversation on what that means for a band like Squeeze, as well as some revelatory proclamations that can put a vital spin on where they should be heard in today’s challenging music environment.

You can find Mike and his editor Joe Marchese at:

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