Conversation: Author James Griffiths - 'The Pop Music Played' image
S1 E6 · Cool For Cats: A Squeeze Podcast
Conversation: Author James Griffiths - 'The Pop Music Played'
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1 year ago

Many columns of type have been spread across the decades in the music press when it comes to Squeeze. However, very few books on the band have been published. Taking into account the crucial formative years in the global public eye, music journalist James Griffiths has penned 'The Pop Music Played,' a detailed deep-dive into the years 1978-1982. This time period - considered 'classic' by Squeeze fans - has rarely been chronicled as much as Griffiths has put to print in book form. In this podcast, he talks about not only his book but how how and where his musical inclinations started, how the band grew from small town pub group to Madison Square Garden headliners, all with a good-natured interplay from someone who has given us more to love (and read) about Squeeze. James' book can be purchased on Amazon: and brick-and-mortar stores wherever good books are sold.

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