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The Last Wonder Standing: Ramping up the Giza Pyramids - Aliens 56
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3 months ago

How were the great pyramids of Giza built? This is a question that's been asked for a long time. The answers have been ranging from those based on the best available evidence to the more far-out ideas. Among those there are suggestions that such precision and scale could only be the work of extraterrestrial intervention. But what do the most recent archaeological discoveries and scientific experiments tell us?

This time we delve into the true ingenuity behind these monumental structures. The pseudo-historical narratives often propose that the pyramids' advanced engineering and astronomical alignments are beyond human capability. Yet, a closer examination of historical records, architectural techniques, and archaeological findings reveals a different story.

Come with and find out how the pyramids at Giza where built.

In this episode:

The Orion Constellation Theory

Construction Insights

Materials and Methods

Ramp Theories and Labor Techniques

Mysteries and Misunderstandings


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