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Visualizing the Future: Navigating the Shifts in Data Storytelling with Enrico Bertini
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You know Enrico Bertini, right? Writer, teacher, co-host of the Data Stories podcast, Enrico does it all. Now at Northeastern University, I invited Enrico to the show to talk about his research, great Substack newsletter, and for views on the evolving landscape of data visualization on social media. In our discussion, Enrico emphasized the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration at Northeastern University. He has some concerns about the current state of visualization theory and tools and talks about his ideas around “critical data thinking” as a crucial way of thinking about data visualization, highlighting the challenges of data accuracy and interpretation. We also talk about Enrico’s teaching methods to help students improve their data interpretation and data visualization skills. Enrico and I share some of the same feelings about the shifts in social media use in the dataviz community, and how it has led to a loss in diverse intellectual exchanges, underscoring the importance of finding new ways to foster community engagement and creativity, including through writing platforms like Substack and LinkedIn.

Topics Discussed

  • The Current State of Visualization Theories and Tools: Enrico critiques the prevalent theories and tools in data visualization, calling for a more systematic and thoughtful approach to both creating and interpreting visual data.
  • Challenges of Presenting Accurate Data: Our conversation delves into the difficulties faced in presenting precise and accurate data, especially highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how these challenges have impacted the field.
  • Impact of Social Media Platform Shifts: A significant focus of our conversation is on the changing landscape of social media platforms, particularly the decline of Twitter as a crucial space for professional exchanges within the data visualization community.
  • Reflections Prompted by the Pandemic: Enrico reflects on the pandemic’s role in helping him reevaluate his work and teaching practices, which is a helpful insight into how his creativity has changed and adapted over the last few years.
  • The Role of Newsletters in Idea Refinement and Audience Connection: Enrico shares insights into how newsletters have become a pivotal tool for refining ideas and connecting with a diverse audience, including students from various disciplines, fostering a richer, more engaged community.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Innovation: Highlighting the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, especially at Northeastern, this week’s episode showcases how interactions between computer science engineering students and design peers, as well as varied problem-solving approaches from faculty members, can lead to fresh insights and propel the field forward.

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