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S1 E10 · My Union Wrote an EBA
Episode 10: Messages from Margaret
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11 months ago

In this episode, Kate & Tony talk about a couple of emails that everyone would have gotten from our Vice Chancellor in the last couple of weeks. The first announcing a "deficit" and the second outlining the University's proposed pay rises for staff. We discuss how the emails were strategically timed to try and undermine the Unions move toward industrial action, and with industrial action now approved, what actions we can begin taking. 

We then talk about the University's attempt to vary the agreement that has already expired to dodge a claim of wage theft, and the upcoming statewide strike on May 3rd. 

If you or someone you know wants to make a submission for the Casual Consultations case, you can do so here - www.nteu.au/monashconsults (also in the linktree)

If you have questions about the process you'd like answered, or any topics you would like to hear covered on the podcast, drop us an email at myunionwroteaneba@gmail.com

You can also stay up to date with everything happening with bargaining at our new bargaining website, and with the branch on Facebook and Twitter. All of which can be found here - https://linktr.ee/myunionwroteaneba