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S1 E11 · My Union Wrote an EBA
Episode 11: Student Solidarity
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11 months ago

In this episode, Kate & Tony run through a range of ways students can show solidarity with members as we engage in industrial action and fight for a fair agreement. Students understand that our working conditions are their learning conditions, and it has been great seeing the positive responses and offers of assistance from so many of our student comrades.

This episode can serve both as a list of suggestions for members to provide to students and also as a resource that you can directly point students towards. The QR code in the bottom corner of the logo will take them to the linktree where they can get a bunch of useful links and information.

If you have questions about the process you'd like answered, or any topics you would like to hear covered on the podcast, drop us an email at myunionwroteaneba@gmail.com

You can also stay up to date with everything happening with bargaining at our new bargaining website, and with the branch on Facebook and Twitter. All of which can be found here - https://linktr.ee/myunionwroteaneba