Episode 26: One final push w. Ben Eltham image
S1 E26 · My Union Wrote an EBA
Episode 26: One final push w. Ben Eltham
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2 months ago

In this episode, Kate & Tony welcome back Branch President Ben Eltham to update everyone on what has been happening. We discuss Margaret Gardner's lavish $127k farewell at the NGV, the cash grab that is the surge pricing on parking, as well as getting a bargaining update. We then finish the episode talking about the plan for the upcoming strike next Wednesday (the 20th), and why it is important that everyone turns out and turns up for it. This will hopefully be the last strike we have to take in this round of bargaining, so we need to send as powerful a message as possible that management need to start putting people before profit, and give as an agreement that we deserve!

If you have questions you'd like answered, or any topics you would like to hear covered on the podcast, drop us an email at myunionwroteaneba@gmail.com

You can also stay up to date with everything happening with bargaining at our new bargaining website, and with the branch on Facebook and Twitter. All of which can be found here - https://linktr.ee/myunionwroteaneba

Otherwise, we'll see everyone out on strike day!