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S2 E44 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.44 Discovering Your True Passion with Kim Gross
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3 months ago

There is so much I want to tell you about this episode about passion. When Kim Gross asked me to be on her 'Masks Off for People Pleasers and Profectionists' podcast, I wasn't sure what would come out. The discussion was just so powerful, I asked if I could rebroadcast it here.

I share candidly my own journey of dimming my light in childhood and what it took me to eventually reconnect with my True Nature. As a multipotentialite with a multitude of interests and skills, I felt pressured by society to limit myself to a specific path, which just leads to suppressing true potential.

Recognizing my deep patters and the inherent forms of self-expression allowed me to find my own unique path. I invite you consider your roles and responsibilities in various life experiences to find your innate way of being, instead of conforming to societal molds.

I hope this episode empowers you to redefine perfection, embrace your many talents, and pursue your Life Purpose.

Kim Gross is the founder/creator of the 5-Step Power Pathway. She helps people pleasers and perfectionists who have spent a lifetime of perpetual suffering because they have identified with these patterns. As the host of the popular podcast “Masks Off For People-Pleasers and Perfectionists” she champions for helping people find out exactly who they are behind the masks they wear.

Topics Covered about passion

  • Dimming your light - hiding your talents
  • Feeling constrained to choose one passion
  • Breaking out of societal expectations

Resources Mentioned

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