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S2 E43 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.43 Passions Don't Pay the Bills with Veronica Chordas
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3 months ago

Be honest, how often do you wonder if the only way to pay the bills is to focus on one thing, and one thing only? As a creative multipotatialite, society almost instills in us. But my guest today is here with me to help you understand why that thought is simply a conditioned myth! Please welcome Veronica Chordas from Wanderlust Custom Design.

We discuss the value of pursuing multiple passions and challenging the traditional notion of specialization through one talent. Creativity, personal growth, and spirituality have been the true focus shaping our lives.

You will really enjoy our experiences and perspectives on balancing creative expression with financial responsibility, no matter what you choose to pursue. Follow your passion while being mindful of practical realities. Embrace your True Nature, and you will discover how to easily adapt to different phases of life, just like plants do.

Veronica Chordas is a Brand Creator and Web Designer. Her passions--art, music, yoga, astrology, and spirituality--flow through all she does. The long and winding road of my life as an artist, musician and seeker has led me back to my truest path as a brand creator. She uses her skills and talents to promote other creatives and practitioners of the healing arts. As a student of life, she takes on each new endeavor with enthusiasm and excitement for what she will learn from each experience.

Topics Covered about paying the bills

  • Follow your heart, and you will be taken care of
  • Odd jobs teach you skills you use build on to your passions
  • How to deal with the worry about money and how to pay the bills

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