Graphs, Gadgets, and Clarity: Mastering the Art of Scientific Storytelling in Research Presentation with Maarten Boers image
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Graphs, Gadgets, and Clarity: Mastering the Art of Scientific Storytelling in Research Presentation with Maarten Boers
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In this week’s episode, we delve into the pivotal role of visual clarity in scientific research. Join me and Professor of Clinical Epidemiology Maarten Boers as we discuss his new book, Data Visualization for Biomedical Scientists. If you are at all interested in being a better science communicator—and especially if you are interested in publishing your work in academic journals—this episode is for you! We talk about how Maarten’s book extends beyond the world of biomedical science into good table design, small multiples, and how academic publishing needs to get its act in order.

Topics Discussed

  • The Necessity of Clear Experimental Procedures: We highlight the significance of understanding every step within an experiment. Our discussion unpacks the ways in which clear, precise procedures facilitate reproducibility and validation of scientific work.
  • Deciphering Scientific Terminology: Maarten’s book emphasizes the importance of demystifying complex scientific jargon. We examine strategies for breaking down terminology barriers for both specialist and general audiences.
  • Graphical Excellence in Research Communication: We focus on the power of well-titled, labeled, and annotated graphs in conveying research and analysis.
  • Impactful Captions and Visual Storytelling: Captions are more than mere descriptions—they’re a gateway to engaging the reader. We explore how to craft active captions that not only inform but also captivate and retain the reader’s attention.
  • Challenges in Academic Publishing: We confront the practical challenges researchers often encounter with journals, their design (or lack thereof), and other publishing pitfalls. We talk about how to effectively intervene when production staff mishandle figures and how to work within the constraints of journal page limits.
  • Ensuring Accuracy in the Publication Process: Our conversation also touches on the responsibilities of researchers to ensure their findings are presented accurately and effectively, even in the final stages of publication.

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