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S2 E45 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.45 Find Your Flow in the Web of Life with Ashley Stokes
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3 months ago

Plants, interconnectivity, and how to heal ourselves, our community, and the Earth… every time I sit down with Ashley Stokes, the conversation flows without end. As a documentary filmmaker, we first spoke for a new project she is working on. This time, I got to do the questioning as we talking about how to find your flow.

Throughout the conversation, you will hear about our personal experiences finding solace in nature during difficult times and the importance of connection with otherkin to assuage ecoanxiety and finding your role. Ultimately, we both realize the importance of staying true to your True Nature and adapting to new experiences and perspectives while peeling off layers of conditioning to find your place.

We also reflect on the challenges of reconciling societal expectations with personal identity and the continuous nature of finding your Life Purpose.

Ashley Stokes, a distinguished award-winning documentary filmmaker, is unwaveringly committed to amplifying voices and encouraging a fresh perspective. Her dedication to elevating the collective consciousness, advocating for environmental preservation, and weaving intimate narratives takes her passion for storytelling to extraordinary heights. Ashley leverages her multifaceted skillset to not only inspire but also educate, offering audiences new and profound perspectives on the intricacies of our complex and beautiful existence.

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Topics Covered about how to find your flow

  • Eco-anxiety and eco-grief, personal experiences and hope for the future
  • Flow, synchronicity, and the natural world
  • Finding purpose and reconnection to true nature
  • The healing power of interconnectedness and Love

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