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Get a "Heck Yes" with Carissa Woo Wedding Photographer and Coach
Creating boundaries for 2023 - Jen Taylor - Biz Coach
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1 year ago

Happy woo Wednesdays! I just dropped a new episode of Get a heck yes.

Jen Taylor wedding pro biz coach, podcaster, certified Director of Operations, is in the house.

Achieve your dreams as a badass business owner with Jen.

Implement streamlined systems and improve your work-life balance while your business grows.

Today we talk about the b word boundaries. The main takeaway is Letting you know that is OK to take care of your self! Setting up boundaries is a way to make sure you have time and space for yourself, your business and your family

The start of the new year is the perfect time to set your boundaries so you stay in control and don’t get resentful toward your biz

Some fun things we talk about.

How to make your best practice one sheeter,

What’s your pain in the ass fee? Never heard that before.

Should your clients be able to text you?

Tune in and enjoy wedding photographers and pros.

Link is to my Best Practice Sheet.

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