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S1 E16 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Blooming in Unusual and Out Of The Way Places
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11 months ago

Welcome to episode 16 of ReConnect with Plant Wisdom! In this podcast, I share ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways that plants can help you lead a Naturally Conscious life. 

Plant don't always have a choice as to where they grow. Seeds are often carried to unexpected places with the hopes of finding fertile land to sprout. To ensure the best opportunity for success, plants have developed some pretty sophisticated systems for understanding and adapting to the current environment.

In this episode, we'll explore how plants attune to the world around them. In this way, they are able to consciously use the information around them to make decisions and find the best path for continued growth.

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Opening and Closing music by Steve Sciulli and Poinsettia from The Singing Life of Plants.

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