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S2 E41 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.41 Plants Help You Accept Who You Really Are
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4 months ago

Join me and Anné Klint from Born to Flourish in this fascinating discussion about shifting into a new Earth paradigm out of competition and into cooperation. This all starts with radical acceptance, and plants are the ultimate allies to help you accept who you are.

Throughout our chat, we discuss how plants help you step into presence and the role of plants in healing trauma and guilt. Anné Klint is a trauma-informed expert in the field of psycho-spiritual-energetic healing, providing unique insight into this delicate topic.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom here, from the connection between self-knowledge, authenticity, and the soul's mission to emphasizing the importance of recognizing and embracing one's own evolutionary process.

This might be one of those episodes you listen to more than once!

Topics Covered about accepting who you are

  • Shaming doesn't exist in the natural world
  • Living in the present, even if I am always evolving
  • Your Soul archetype--the essence of your being

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Opening and Closing music by Steve Sciulli and Poinsettia from The Singing Life of Plants.

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