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S1 E11 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
What Nature Shows Us About Life Purpose
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7 months ago

Welcome to episode 11 of ReConnect with Plant Wisdom! In this vodcast, I share ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways that plants can help you lead a Naturally Conscious life. 

Every organism in an ecosystem has a role which contributes to the health and evolution of the whole. You also have a role to fulfill in this lifetime, what we commonly call "life purpose". Understanding your role, and the deep patterns associated with them, are the secrets to evolving into who you need to become everything you desire. 

In this episode, we explore how plant show us the roles and characteristics you have for you to discover, understand, and ultimately accomplish, your Life Purpose.

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Opening and Closing music by Steve Sciulli and Poinsettia from The Singing Life of Plants.

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